Hi, I'm Jennefer!

I am a family photographer located in Louisville, KY. I specialize in lifestyle maternity, newborn, baby, family, and high school senior photography throughout Louisville and up into Central Indiana.


I am also a wife, momma, and a huge history nerd! I love reading about the people and places of the past. To my family's dismay, I'd rather explore a new museum than sit on a beach while on vacation. In fact, it was while roaming the museums of Berlin, Germany that I learned how to use my first DSLR camera on manual mode!


My love for history is probably why I am obsessed with documenting my family's stories and why I want to help you preserve your's as well.


As a parent, I feel it is one of my responsibilities to capture the childhood of my daughter. Not only for myself, but also for her to enjoy as she grows. Further, I want her to have more than rushed cell phone images stored on the cloud. I want her to be able to flip through an album and see her memories on the pages. Even more, I want the walls of my home to be a gallery of my family's story.


And I want to be included in those pages and on the wall!


I started Jen Berlyn Photography because I knew that I could not be the only parent that wanted these things and because I believe every family deserves to have their story preserved for future generations.


Regardless of the type of session, my goal is to always document the love within your family and preserve it for future generations.

My Style

Timeless. Heirloom. Emotive.

My shooting style is very relaxed. I always start my sessions with what are considered 'traditional' poses (think 'everyone smile at the camera), but I do not spend much time on these shots.


My favorite moments to capture almost always include laughter, and I am constantly seeking to document the little moments (like a child squeezing dad's finger or mom brushing the hair from a daughter's face) that display connection timelessly.


As I mentioned above, I am always seeking to document the bond between family, and my editing style helps to highlight the connection captured during a session. I love high contrast, deep shadows, and golden light.


In my galleries, you'll find realistic skin tones, moody black & whites, and lots of emotion.

Kind Words

She was well prepared, nice as could be, and did an amazing job. My wife and I could not be happier!

Ely S.

5 Facts About Me

01. I Have a BA in German & Cultural Anthropology


After graduating from Hanover College, I spent a year teaching English in Berlin, Germany as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant.


02. Historical Romances are My Jam


Lisa Kleypas has not written a book that I do not love!


03. My Blood Is 90% Lattes


I've tried to give up lattes & cappuccinos in the past. It was not pretty.



04. I grew up in Central Indiana


My husband moved to Louisville after getting his undergraduate degree, and I followed him 'South' after moving back from Germany.



05. Rainy days are my favorite


While not the best for photography, rainy days have always made my soul happy. Give me a good book, a latte, and a rain shower, and I am in heaven!


Ask away!